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June Performance 2019 Information

All tights should be Capezio brand. There are order forms at the studio for tights. The tights will be delivered to the studio and passed out well before picture day.

Picture Day

Sunday, May 19th (times TBD)

Location: Cleveland Dance Academy

Come to the studio before your scheduled picture time with stage makeup and hair done. Costumes, tights, and shoes can be put on in the dressing room. Group and individual shots will be taken.  Pictures will not be held up waiting for people. This is a long day and we like to stay on track to end on time or early. If you can’t make your group picture time your dancer can be brought up at any time to take individual pictures. Picture day is not required. Please let us know if you do not plan on attending.


June Performance

Saturday, June 8th and Sunday June 9th

Location: Westlake High School Performing Arts Center

                    27830 Hilliard Blvd, Westlake, OH 44145

Dress rehearsal- Saturday, June 8th 9am-1pm

Dancers must arrive at 9am with hair and stage makeup done. They will have dressing rooms to put on costumes and we will start promptly at 9:30am. Dancers may be dismissed well before 1pm so it is encouraged for parents to stay so your child can leave right when they are dismissed. Videos and photography are permitted during dress rehearsal.

Saturday performance- Saturday, June 8th 7pm

Dancers must arrive at 6pm with hair and stage makeup done. They will go to the same dressing room to dress and wait for their performance time. Dancers who are only in the first act may be picked up during intermission. We encourage everyone to stay for the entirety of the show as everyone works very hard and it’s nice to perform to a full audience. There is absolutely no photography or videography allowed during the shows.  Not only is it rude to those watching the shows, the bright lights of cameras or cell phones can be dangerous to those dancing on stage. A professional videographer will record the shows.

Sunday performance- Sunday, June 9th 2pm

Dancers must arrive at 1pm with hair and stage makeup done. They will go to the same dressing room to dress and wait for their performance time.

Additional info:

*We had to change theaters recently. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are so lucky to have found an amazing theater this late in the year. We are looking forward to building a positive relationship with the staff at the Westlake High School Performing Arts Center.

*We will be looking for mother helper volunteers to help in the dressing rooms during dress rehearsal and both shows. Our backstage mother helpers are crucial for keeping our younger dancers in line. If you volunteer, you are responsible for your child’s class, not just your child. This will include things like helping to put on/take off costumes, keeping the dancers in control and focused, running dancers to the bathroom, walking dancers to and from the stage, and helping to calm any jitters. CDA instructors who have children who dance are unable to help them in the dressing rooms, as they need to be backstage making sure the show is running smoothly. We are eternally grateful for all the help of the backstage mothers who make sure our kids get out there prepared!

* Hair and makeup should be done prior to the arrival of the theater. Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn during dress rehearsal and both performances. If earrings are necessary they must be post earrings covered by bandaids. Please remove all nail polish. Please have proper tights, shoes and all costumes and costume accessories. Do not wear costume to the theatre. Dressing rooms are provided for dancers to dress for the show.

Make up is an absolutely essential part of the show and picture day. The stage lights wash faces out and make it hard for dancers to be seen. Make up should be heavy.

FACE:  Foundation and powder may be used. Face makeup is not necessary, but recommended.

BLUSH: BRIGHT RED COLORS, not dark- on and under cheekbones.    

EYE SHADOW: Medium shade on lid, dark shade in crease, light shade under eyebrows

EYE LINER: Black eye liner should be worn on the eyelid, above the lash line. Outside corner can be swept out and up.

MASCARA/FALSE EYELASHES: Black mascara must be worn on top and bottom lashes. False eyelashes are recommended for girls that are old enough to handle them.


EYEBROWS: An eyebrow pencil may be used to accentuate eyebrows.



You will need: Bobby pins, hair elastics and hairnets that match color of hair, gel or mousse and hairspray.

To make a proper bun you must start with wet hair. Brush hair back into a ponytail and secure tightly with a hair elastic. A tight pony is essential for a secure bun. The ponytail should be on an upwards diagonal from ears for a high bun, level with ears for a regular bun, and slightly above the nape of the neck for a low bun. Gel or mousse and hairspray should be used to keep bangs and fly-aways back. Twist hair tightly and wrap around base of pony and secure with another hair elastic. Take a hair net and wrap around bun and secure in place with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray.